The mission of Gloucester Cultural Initiative is to enhance the cultural vitality of the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts, by

  • supporting its creative communities and organizations and fostering collaboration among them;
  • supporting the cultural expressions of all Gloucester residents, across the spectrum of their diversity;
  • fostering wide appreciation for Gloucester’s cultural heritage and wide participation in its contemporary cultural activity; and
  • serving as a primary and coordinating point of contact for cultural information in Gloucester.

Commitment to the Arts

Gloucester Cultural Initiative espouses an inclusive view of cultural vitality which recognizes a wide range of modes of creative expression by individuals and communities. The Initiative understands, moreover, that modes of creative expression continually evolve as society changes over time. Within this wide compass, the Initiative recognizes the essential role of the arts and artistic expression: the transformative power of the arts is an animating force at the heart of culture, a means of self-understanding for individuals and communities, a means of understanding others and a changing world, and a means of developing and strengthening the social, spiritual, civic, environmental, and economic fabrics of the City of Gloucester.